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We provide professional training on Arc Flash hazard for workers in the areas of power engineering, electro-maintenance, electrical assembly and testing of electrical equipment.

Trainings are provided in both Slovak and English languages in the following areas:

  • What is Arc Flash, what are the causes and the dangers for workers. Risk elimination methods.
  • Requirements for the implementation of measures for workers‘ protection from Arc flash, in accordance with standard EN 50110-1.
  • How to properly interpret the results from the Arc Flash hazard assement study (risk, energy, marking, approaching distance, work regulations, operating settings).
  • Interpretation of data used to signal switchboards and everyday use.
  • Selection and proper use of Personal protective equipment (OOPP), based on the results of the Arc flash hazard study - safety, alternative solutions, combinations, quality and costs.
  • Technical and operational solutions to actively reduce the risks associated with potential Arc Flash.